Ten years for the Belgian Rubbermen

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Ten years for the Belgian Rubbermen

This September, the Belgian Rubbermen are celebrating their 10th anniversary. We take the opportunity to talk about this fetish with one of the best known members of this community

This September, the Belgian Rubbermen are celebrating their 10th anniversary. We take the opportunity to talk about this fetish with one of the best known members of this community.

The shiny and lustrous aspect of latex attracts many people. It can lead to sexual acts associated with these clothes, but not always. Some people find purely emotional or psychological satisfaction in their fetish, without the need to move on to concrete sexual activities. In fact, fetishism can vary greatly from person to person in terms of preferences and intensity. Rubbermen are often attracted to particularly tight-fitting latex clothing, such as jumpsuits, pants or shorts, shirts, masks, gloves, etc. The feeling of the material on the skin can be very stimulating.

How all started

For 10 years, people who share this strong interest in rubber have had their own association. Among the initiators of the structure, we met Nordine who remembers the beginnings very well. “At that time, there was a desire to organize a latex social on a Tuesday at Bar Dolores. Without any group formed, it couldn’t work.” he said. “So, we created a Facebook page. Quickly, the first social is organized. We were only eight during the first edition but, very quickly, the number increased.” he adds, specifying that there was a real demand. “It was new, electric and very exciting to be out in the open like this.

With the Belgian Rubbermen, this community found a space of support, camaraderie and celebration, a place for discussions and meetings. “The latex world was hidden in darkrooms, at The Boots in Antwerp in particular, and there was a purely sexual atmosphere. Which for many was not the first goal sought.” reminds Nordine. Obviously, in 10 years, he has seen the community evolve, an evolution similar to that of the LGBT+ scene in general. “From the start our charter was clear: we are open to everyone! Thus, our club has always been more diverse than many other European clubs. I suppose that having a founder with an immigrant background made the welcome and openness more obvious. Also, from the start we collaborated with Fetish Project (a mixed men-women party) and the message was clear.

Breaking codes and prejudices

Nordine is delighted with the increasingly apparent openness of associations. “The fetish community as a whole has evolved in its diversity, its language, its codes and has multiplied the social meetings for its members. Brussels is almost full of various fetish events every month and we can be proud of that!” It’s true that the understanding is rather cordial between the associations and some people are members of several groups. Members of a club also come spontaneously to support the activities of others. “It also leaves room for discovery.” adds our interlocutor who specifies that “it’s also linked to a better offer whether in clothing, dating sites, parties and magazines/podcasts where generations can exchange freely and share their experiences.

And precisely, if the world has changed, has Nordine also changed? “I was lucky to be part of the generation that experienced the beginnings of social networks, low-cost travel and the arrival of more options in the fetish world. With friends, we took these changes into account, even putting pressure on the brands to evolve. We played with the codes, even if it means breaking some.

Celebration time

The 10th anniversary celebration of the Belgian Rubbermen will also be another opportunity to break the dark and closed image of the latex world, as Nordine likes to point out when asked what will be on the program. “A good old pub crawl to show off in the gay world to those who wouldn't spontaneously dare to join us. A good cake, friends and drinks!” The gathering is therefore set for Saturday 23 September for a departure at 20:00 from Homo Erectus by Spit It Out. If you don't know how to dress for this very special occasion, come see us at the store. We'll find the perfect outfit for you. Until then, you can follow the Belgian Rubbermen on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with community news.


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